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sesil Latest Indoor Games Stay Away from The Lava! Including Balloon, Dice, Turntable, Battle Card Step On The Balloon and Lava Monster Physical & Educational Game Toys for Kids and Adults

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Safety and environmental protection-Our Floor game toys are made of green and environmentally friendly materials, comply with strict ASTM child safety standards, and have passed quality assurance tests by independent third-party laboratories. They are non-toxic and odorless, and can be used with confidence.


1. Safety and environmental protection-Our Floor game toys are made of green and environmentally friendly materials, comply with strict ASTM child safety standards, and have passed quality assurance tests by independent third-party laboratories. They are non-toxic and odorless, and can be used with confidence.

2. Brand new upgrades, a total of four ways to play-this game toy is very different from the regular Floor Lava game. In addition to the regular gameplay, we have created an original monster hunter mode and a thrilling battle card mode, which has fully improved this game. The game is fun and thrilling, and the number of participants in the game can accommodate up to 10 people.

3. Luxurious gift package with complete props-this interactive game toy includes turntable*1, EVA*20, challenge card*27, battle card*20, balloon*50, plastic coin*10, digital dice*1, five-color dice*1 , Manual *1, this game toy is very exciting and interesting, boys and girls will like it, and there is no strict age limit, children over 3 years old, including adults can participate, whether indoor or outdoor, whether it is at family gatherings, birthday parties, This game can immerse the participants and enhance the joyful atmosphere of the scene.

4. Lava Monster Mode-The main props of Lava Monster are 10 plastic coins and 1 digital dice. One of the 10 plastic coins is printed with "Monster" and the other 9 with "Human" printed on them. Everyone Randomly draw a plastic coin, remember to keep it secret, then choose your own EVA tile, then "Monster" reveals your identity, and throw the dice. If the number on the front of the dice is 4, then "Monster" can jump up to 4 steps, the same to "Human", if "Monster" can touch all "Human" within 4 steps then "Monster" wins, otherwise "Human" wins.

5. Battle card mode-The main props of the Battle card mode are a five-color dice, 20 Battle cards, 3 of which are printed with "Step on a balloon", and the other 17 are printed with numbers 1-17. First choose one to participate as the "supervisor", the "supervisor" is responsible for throwing the dice. If the dice is displayed as "Blue", all participants need to jump to the blue EVA title at the fastest speed, the slowest or the one who touches the ground directly eliminated, if the dice shows "Battle", each participant draws one from the Battle card, and the one with the smallest number is eliminated directly. If a participant draws "Step on a balloon", he needs to step on one Balloons, the others compare the numbers on the cards.


This is a stimulating and interesting floor game. There are 4 gameplays in total. The first two gameplays belong to the classic mild mode. Of course, in these two modes, you can also place some balloons on certain EVA tiles and the ground to increase Game difficulty. The latter two modes are our original gameplay, mainly to increase the interactivity, excitement, and difficulty of the game. The "Monster" mode and the battle card mode can accommodate more gamers and are also very suitable for adults.


This game allows children and adults to perform physical exercises, increase physical fitness, exercise physical coordination and balance, and promote friendship between participants. This game toy is especially suitable for family gatherings, birthday parties, and outdoor activities.

The following is a detailed game description


How to play-moderate competition mode


Connect the arrow to the turntable. Before the game starts, designate a member to be responsible for turning the turntable. This member will also be responsible for managing the cards until another member is out to take over his work. All other players randomly place the EVA around the room.


After everyone is ready, the first turntable operator shouts "Start", and all players run to the nearest EVA tile. Then the "spinner" rotates to the next color, and all players jump to the EVA tile of that color at the fastest speed. In this process, if any player touches the ground or jumps to the wrong color or the slowest speed, he will be eliminated. At the same time, the EVA tile the player was standing on will also be removed. Then we continue to rotate to the next color . If the turntable rotates to a certain color, but the EVA tiles of that color have all been removed Removed, then rotate the turntable again.

How to play-Teamwork mode


To play the fioor is lava as a cooperative game(where all players are working together to defeat the lava),lay out the tiles randomly from one side of the room to the other.each player goes one at a time and uses the spinner and EVA tiles to get from one side of the room (Danger) to the other (safety).spin as many times as you can as long as you can successfully get from one color to the next,without touching the fioor or another EVA tile.If a player can not get all the way across to safety,he/she stays on their current tile,and play passes to the next continues like this for 2 rounds,or until all players have crossed to the safe side of the room.if any players have NOT made it to safety after two rounds,rearrange the tiles and play again.if everyone has made it to safety within 2 rounds,the whole team wins!

How to play -lava monster mode


The props of this mode include 10 plastic coins, one of which is printed with "Monster" and the other 9 with "Human". Before the game starts, each person will draw a plastic coin (the number of plastic coins used is based on The number of participants is determined. For example, there are 6 participants in total. Then choose 5 plastic coins printed with "human" and one with "monster" for everyone to draw, and make sure that at least one of the participants will draw "monster". ), after the plastic coins are drawn, each participant secretly sees whether he is a "monster" or a "human", and it must be kept secret and not let other people know your role.


Then everyone chooses an EVA tile to stand on. For example, "monster" can choose an EVA tile with more participants around, which is convenient for grasping "human", and "human" is recommended to choose a remote EVA tile for easy escape.

After each player chooses the EVA tile, "monster" can indicate his role, and then "monster" rolls the digital dice. Remember that you can only roll it once. The numbers on the dice are 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 ,7, for example, "monster" shakes to the number 4. It is very important to remember this number, because it means that all participants can only jump 4 steps at most, and can jump continuously or at intervals.

Next, "monster" shouts "Start" and he/she can start arresting people. As long as "human" is touched by "monster", he/she will be eliminated, and the EVA on which this "human" is standing will also be removed. If "human" touches the ground during the jump, he/she will be eliminated. If "monster" successfully catches all "humans" within 4 steps, then "monster" wins, otherwise "human" wins, of course if "monster" touched the ground during the jump, "human" won.




In this mode, you can put some balloons on certain EVA tiles and the ground to increase the difficulty of the game. When a participant jumps on the balloon, it will make a "pop" sound, which is very exciting. Of course, if someone steps on the balloon, that does not mean being eliminated. "Monster" can intimidate the "human" around you, such as making fake moves towards "human" and pretending to jump towards him/her, forcing "human" to jump first. "Human" can also set a trap for "monster", for example, lead "monster" to a place with more balloons and let "monster" step on the balloon.

In this mode, there is no need to use a challenge card or a turntable. The jump sequence of "monster" and "human" does not matter. It is very flexible. You can jump as far as you want, but you must remember any Participants are not allowed to touch the ground, and the number of jump steps cannot exceed the number rolled by the dice. Please supervise each other and be honest.


How to play -battle card mode


This mode is similar to the gameplay, except that the turntable is replaced by five-color dice. Before the game starts, a participant must be selected to roll the dice. We call this participant the "supervisor", and the supervisor shouts "Start" ", each participant quickly jumped to the EVA tile, and then the "supervisor" began to shake the sieve, if the front of the dice shows "red", the "supervisor" shout out "red". Then each participant needed to quickly jump to the red EVA tile. The slowest participant or the participant who touches the ground will be eliminated, and the EVA tile which he/she was standing on will also be removed. If the front of the dice shows "battle", then the show begins. Each participant needs to draw one of the 20 cards, three of which are printed with "Step on a balloon" and the other 17 The numbers 1-17 are printed respectively. The person who drew the smallest number will be eliminated directly, and the EVA on which he/she is standing will also be removed. If a participant drew "Step on a balloon" then he/she needs to step on a balloon. If the participant is brave enough to complete the task, then he/she will continue to participate in the game, and the rest compare the numbers and eliminate the one who drew the smallest number. If the participant gives up stepping on the balloon, then he/she will be eliminated directly,and the rest of the participants can proceed directly to the next round without eliminating players.




In this mode, you can place some balloons on certain EVA tiles and on the ground to increase the difficulty of the game. At the same time, if the participant jumps to the EVA tile with "?", you also need to draw a challenge card and execute the Instructions. You can modify the difficulty of the game at will. For example, if you want a more exciting scene, you can use 10 of the battle cards to increase the chance of stepping on the balloon. If you want to be more gentle, you can remove the "Step on a balloon" card.

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